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This is our Project Page. It's here to help you understand the context and background of our latest work. 

So, how does a mobile tech change an AC unit by themselves? Now you know!

Mobile Techs are generally solo operations. So how do we get a 100# A/C unit up on the roof and the old one down? This lift attaches to the top of the ladder and provides the lifting power to get the job done easily. Otherwise, this would be a two person job. I invest a ton of money in tools like this and test equipment to assure that we test everything we can and diagnose problems accurately.

What are seasonal problem areas?

It is furnace season in the Pacific Northwest! The two main suppliers of furnaces are Suburban and Dometic. Both are pretty reliable but both suffer the same failures. Here is the sequence of operation that tells the tech what is happening; First, the thermostat calls for heat. Then, the fan comes on for about 45 seconds to clear any fumes in the burner. If the safety systems (sail switch and high temp limit) are working correctly, you hear a pronounced click when the gas valve opens and then tick tick tick of the igniter, followed by a muffled boom which is the furnace lighting.

We invest in the tools and equipment to make us more efficient.

The "Pick Me Up" A/C lift uses a battery pack to lift and lower the unit safely. This is just one of many tools we have invested in to make repairs and diagnostics go faster, saving the customer money. Some examples are:

  • the "CODDIWOMPLE" power box which can override slide systems and leveling systems as well as test for defective slide motors.

  • The "PEACEMAKER" is another electronic device that can isolate air conditioner issues. We also carry the "BILLY BOX" for the same purpose in a simple design.

  • Dinosaur test unit is used to confirm a bad circuit board for furnaces and water heaters. 

  • We use many different power tools and almost all of them are battery powered so that we can make repairs without the need for "shore power".

  • The Top Hand is a powered "helper" to assist in removing and installing an awning without a helper.

  • Battery powered antifreeze pump for winterizing your RV.

  • Our goal is to make most repairs in one trip. To that end, we carry a very significant volume of parts on our service van.

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